Precision agriculture calls for continuous land management at a competitive cost all the while caring about environmental protection. Up-to date aerial imagery acquired in a user-friendly and fast way and translated into highly accurate multiband orthomosaics and DSMs is a cost effective and user-friendly new way to continuously optimize precision farming techniques. Creating your NDVI has never been faster and more cost effective.







Get ready for 4D construction site monitoring on a weekly or even daily basis! Create surveygrade orthomosaics, DSMs and dense 3D point clouds almost instantly using our automatic workflow, repeat the process in fixed time intervals and analyze results over time to monitor contractors and construction advancements. Take advantage of all software features: set control points to achieve the highest accuracy and use the integrated tools to view assess and interpret your models. Go one step further: measure points, lines, surfaces and volumes directly in the software and annotate vector objects to seamlessly import them into your existing CAD or GIS software package.

Our solution will help you plan and document your construction and building sites over time all the while enhance security on site.


Your surveying skills will help you to produce results with centimeter-grade accuracy from lightweight compact cameras to large-format photogrammetric sensors, even if you have no photogrammetric knowledge. Our software technology will help you assess the quality of your acquired data while still in the field, in minutes only. And the automatic workflow will allow you to create 2D topographic maps and orthomosaics, 3D raster DSMs and point clouds that you can deliver to your clients in record-time. Output results seamlessly integrate with your existing CAD, GIS and traditional photogrammetry software.

Increase your productivity, cut on delivery-time to clients and use our software solution for countless topographic applications in mining, agriculture, construction, land planning and many more.





Our software technology makes the management of extraction activities and environmental protection issues easy-to-handle, available on demand, and cost-effective, without exposing workers to dangerous conditions. Compared to traditional surveying technology that is labour, skill and cost-intensive, using UAVs or airborne imagery to produce orthomosaics, DSMs and point clouds of open-pit mines, quarries and pits, and calculate volumes of extracted materials and stockpiles, increases safety, efficiency and accuracy, while keeping cost and labour to a minimum.

This new and effective process of generating up-to-date information allows for continuous monitoring and well-structured decision making for any area of mining sites. Results obtained with Pix4D software are traceable over time in order to comply with environmental standards.




natural resourcesNatural resources management

As a GIS professional, you can now focus more time on the analysis of environmental data. Producing orthomosaics and DSMs of natural areas, parks, reserves and nature conservation areas has become easily available with the automatic workflow of our software. It has also become more affordable as our software will produce survey-grade results from any imagery and camera. You can assess and edit your projects directly in the software.

Verifying the enforcement of environmental regulations, assessing the vigor of vegetation through vegetation indexes, creating extensive inventories of natural resources are only a few examples of how our technology can serve your business.