Grain Management Systems

A complete grain management solution that will have you looking at grain storage in a whole new light. As opposed to the old-school approach of reactive monitoring, OPI-integris Advanced Grain Management grain temperature monitoring and grain moisture monitoring takes a proactive approach to ensuring the highest possible return on your grain assets.


OPI-integris Solutions


Optimize your grain’s quality by proactively managing your grain!  Whether you have 100,000 bushels of storage or 1 million, OPI-integris has the Advanced Grain Management solution to meet your unique needs.

  • Product Info  

    Stormax provides handheld grain temperature monitoring and grain moisture monitoring for facilities with grain storage of 100,000 bushels or less.

    IntegrisBasic delivers proactive grain temperature monitoring and grain moisture monitoring, along with system alarms and is ideal for grain managers requiring monitoring only and not automated control.

    IntegrisPro offers proactive grain temperature monitoring and grain moisture monitoring, along with system alarms and automated aeration control for larger-scale facilities with 100,000+ bushels of storage.

  • Product Support  

    Our staff at Leading Edge Technologies is here to help every step of the way. Whether it’s helping you directly with basic troubleshooting or getting you in touch with the proper OPI support, we’re here to help. OPI advanced grain management systems include unmatched customer care including, extended warranties, customer care, annual site maintenance, training and tech services. With OPI support, you will be taken care of just like your grain.

  • Case Studies  

    As with any purchase you may be considering, the key is to calculate the time it will take to achieve payback on investment. Ideally, you will also want to analyze impact over the longer term life of the investment, both in terms of year-over-year savings and/or the effect this investment will have in terms of changes to the management of your operation. IntegrisPro is the calibre of investment that can have both a rapid payback (sometimes in as little as the first year) in addition to having a dramatic impact on the management of your operation, in terms of how you design and staff your storage facility, as well as how you build your grain marketing plan. Following are the main areas where an IntegrisPro investment can help to improve your bottom line:

    Market gains through...

    • Moisture control
    • Quality optimization and zero-tolerance on spoilage
    • Carry with confidence to get the maximum return from the market

    Savings through...

    • Electrical savings (up to 80% relative to "conventional" fan operation)
    • Fumigation savings
    • Labor savings

    To understand how the IntegrisPro system can be used to achieve specific value added targets, OPI-integris offers a very powerful planning tool called Integris ProModel. With an understanding of your site-specific parameters, such as location, grain type and target objectives, we can run ProModel to assess what can be achieved with the IntegrisPro system-A great tool for helping to design and manage your storage system.

    Although we cannot assess the full range of gains without first running ProModel, we are including the following assessment tool to evaluate ROI based on moisture control alone. The calculator starts with an estimation of the one-time investment cost for an IntegrisPro system, including all hardware, software and the PC-based controller. This price is then expressed in terms of cents per bushel of cents per metric tonne, as reference to the one-time cost relative to grain prices. Based on your assessment of average grain price and potential moisture gain, it then calculates ROI-basically the length of time to achieve payback.