Unmanned Aerial Systems

Leading Edge Technologies offers a complete line of Sensefly fixed wing eBee’s and albris multi-rotor unmanned aerial systems.

Sensefly albris


Albris is a sensor-rich drone for professionals, offering TripleView imaging, advanced situational awareness and a choice flight modes.


  • Product Info  
    • 1 flight, 3 types of imagery (still, video and thermal)
    • Advanced situational awareness
    • Autonomous, GPS-guided mapping mission or a live-streaming Interactive ScreenFly flight.
    • Full integrated software
    • V-shaped quadcopter
    • 4 electric brushless motors
    • 1.8 kg (3.9 lb) incl. battery, payload & shrouding
    • Flight time up to 22 min
    • Automatic flight: 8 m/s (18 mph) Manual flight:12 m/s (27 mph)
    • Autopilot & control
    • IMU, magnetometer, barometer & GPS
    • Composite body, moulded carbon fibre arms and legs, precision-molded magnesium frame, precision-molded injected plastic
    • Operating temperature  -10 to 40º C (14º-104º F)
    • Battery type: LiPo, 3 cell, 8500 mAh
    • Main Camera: 38 MP, mechanical shutter DNG (RAW image with correction metadata) Ground sampling distance (GSD): - 1 mm/pixel at 6 m - 1 cm/pixel at 60 m Recorded on board Geo-referenced (position & orientation)
    • Video: HD (1280 x 720 pixels)
    • Ground station and image processing software included
  • Product Support  

    Leading Edge Technologies is one of the United States original UAV distributors, no one has more experience to provide the foremost of service. Our staff has been fully trained by the manufacturer to support all flight operations and equipment. Since the growing season is short and planes need to be in the air, Leading Edge has a your support covered.

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Sensefly eBee Ag


The eBee is the easiest-to-use, fully autonomous mini-drone on the market.  Our drone is a turn-key solution and includes all the accessories required for operation, as well as our control and monitoring software eMotion 2 and our image processing software Postflight Terra 3D. Quick to learn and easy to use, senseFly’s intuitive ground station software eMotion2 lets you plan, simulate, monitor and control the trajectory of the eBee both before and during flight.

SenseFly eBee Ag Brochure

  • Product Info  
    Central body:

    This is the core of the eBee and includes all the electronics, actuators and communications hardware on-board the drone.


    The two wings of the eBee are detachable for storage and replacement. Each wing has two wing struts and two clips to hold it in place within the central body.

    Wide camera choice:

    The eBee Ag is supplied with a S110 NIR camera, plus you can add the S110 RE, the 110 RGB or the multiSPEC 4C.

    • 96cm wingspan
    • less than 0.7kg take-off weight
    • 16MP camera, electronically integrated and controlled
    • Lithium polymer battery 45 minutes of flight time
    • 36-57km/h (10-16m/s) cruise speed
    • Up to 45km/h (12m/s) wind resistance
    • Up to 3km radio link
    • Covers up to 1.5-10km2
    • Linear landing
    • Image resolution of 3-30cm/pixel (depending on flight altitude)


  • Product Support  

    Our staff has been fully trained by the manufacturer to support both flight and software processing operations. We have been flying the eBee since it’s inception and have flown hundreds of missions. Our amount of experience allows us to answer any question that you may confront. Leading Edge Technologies also offers complete training packages on flight and software products. Our goal is to maximize your return on your UAV investment.

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